Whether you are negotiating a merger, considering liquidation, or restructuring a business, dealing with disputes associated with liability, shareholder equity, marital dissolution or trust planning, your legal counsel should ask your CPA for assistance. The litigation team at Sol Schwartz & Associates can assist as a consultant or as an expert witness.

As a consultant or an expert witness in a case, Sol Schwartz & Associates can assist your legal team with:

  • Developing financial and tax strategies
  • Identifying significant issues
  • Finding the strong and weak points of your case from the accounting perspective
  • Advising your legal team on how the opposing expert might approach the issue
  • Calculating losses in fraud situations
  • Doing industry research as needed
  • Considering mitigation arguments

When we provide litigation support services, we review all the documentation that relates to the case, including reports, financial data, analysis, meeting minutes, etc.

Throughout the discovery, trial, mediation or arbitration process, a good litigation support process will:

  • Adhere to authoritative sources
  • Be aware of industry best practices
  • Be consistent on the issue at hand, now and in the past

Sol Schwartz & Associates is able to provide you and your legal team with valuable litigation support in:

  • Tax law and regulations
  • Financial analysis and modeling
  • Application of statistical methods
  • Fraud and forensic accounting
  • Divorce proceedings

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