In an increasingly complex world, where demands are widely varied and specialized, you need the insight and expertise of trusted advisors with critical skills that match your unique needs and interests. At Sol Schwartz & Associates, we are more than experienced CPAs…we are seasoned professionals with strong backgrounds in the services and industries that matter to you.

By working with us, you’ll find that our industry experience helps us streamline projects, gives us a deeper understanding of your business goals, and ensures that we meet all rules and regulations to optimize your business performance. You will also find that we are active members and leaders in a variety of industry-specific organizations. From New Braunfels to Boerne, Kerrville to Corpus Christi, or anywhere else you find yourself, we’re ready to help.

We invite you to contact us directly, or continue browsing our website to learn more about how we can help your business. Please note that we serve clients in a variety of industries beyond those mentioned below. If you are interested in working with us, but are unsure if your industry falls within our areas of expertise, please give us a call. If we cannot meet your needs, we can refer you to a trusted fellow CPAConnect member qualified to help you.

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