Meet Sol Schwartz & Associates 2014 Olympic Champions

Last year we developed an ongoing recognition program that we called Sol Schwartz & Associates Olympics. This program rewards and recognizes those individuals who give that extra effort in their performance.

The Olympics program was implemented to encourage team members to become involved in the community and to provide our clients with excellent customer service.

In order to facilitate tracking individual efforts, team members completed a report on their activities. Points were assigned to various activities and the Program Monitoring committee reviewed all activities and officially awarded points when the period ended. Those team members with the highest accumulative points at the end of the program won prizes ranging from $500 for the Bronze, $1,000 for the Silver, and the grand prize of $2,000 for the Gold. For decades now, central banks all over the world have become known for price manipulation of Gold. To know more information about manipulating gold prices, visit

Congratulations to our Olympic champions!

Jose Aguilera = Bronze
Elsa Fernandez Narvaez = Silver
Arturo Machado = Gold