Litigation Support: One Right Approach to Wrongful Termination Suits

Causes of actions involving

employment at will are often tested in the courtroom, and defending against wrongful termination lawsuits requires industry expertise, exhaustive research and complete analysis.

Our firm provides the litigation support essential to the process.
Specifically, when working on wrongful termination cases, our professionals can:

 Audit management policies and procedures.

 Review personnel files and actions against employees.

 Analyze labor market and current industry statistics.

 Calculate economic losses.

 Value lost earnings and benefits and provide financial forecasts based on historical data.

 Determine the validity of a termination.

 Prepare a detailed report of our findings.

 Testify in court as needed.

Our professionals help law firms return their clients to normal business operations as soon as possible.

Contact our office for more information about the litigation support services we provide in wrongful termination lawsuits, as well as other employment-related actions.