Doing business internationally: How we can help

Our international tax consultants assist clients in taking advantage of the numerous business opportunities that exist worldwide. Here are some of                                                                                              the services we provide:

  • Complete tax planning, return preparation and filing to ensure U.S. and foreign compliance.
  • Planning to maximize foreign tax credits.
  • Review of transactions to ensure transfer pricing compliance.
  • Assisting employees who work in other countries in filing expatriate tax returns.
  • Setting up the best type of legal entity to reduce foreign and domestic taxes and to avoid legal liabilities.
  • Planning to reduce the U.S. tax on exported products by analyzing transactions for extraterritorial income exclusion opportunities.
  • Advice on the applicability of international tax treaties to avoid double taxation.
  • Due diligence in foreign business transactions.

The professionals at Sol Schwartz & Associates are ready to help. Arturo Machado and Samanta Guerra work extensively on real estate matters. Contact them at 210.384.8000.


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