Discover Solutions to Discovery Problems

Our firm’s litigation support professionals have designed a comprehensive program to assist attorneys and their clients with pre-trial discovery needs. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Identification of documents for financial analysis.
  • Assistance relating to accounting and other business records.
  • Preparation of interrogatories and deposition outlines.
  • Uncovering documents related to hidden assets.
  • On-site document discovery of opposing parties.
  • Selection and supervision of the copying process.
  • Document indexing and management.

In addition, our firm is fully equipped to handle discovery of highly sophisticated electronic records. As you know, e-discovery has become mainstream today and we are experienced in using up-to-date software that saves time and money isolating crucial documents.

Finally, our unified system allows your litigation team to review, annotate and integrate both printed and electronic data as needed.