Employers are required to make federal and state payroll tax payments, as well as file informational returns. The rules can be very complex and there are significant penalties for noncompliance. At Sol Schwartz & Associates, we know that tax compliance is a huge burden for business leaders because it can be both time-consuming and confusing without the right guidance, that’s why a lot of businesses are implementing Cloudpay Payroll services to manage payments more efficiently. Our team of experts can help ensure that you are depositing, reporting and filing your payroll taxes on time and accurately. Avoid tax penalties and audit nightmares, and let us help you calculate your required withholding and employer contributions each payroll period, including:

  • Federal withholding
  • State income tax withholding
  • Local, county, city withholding and taxes
  • Federal Insurance Contributions (FICA)
  • Unemployment and disability taxes

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