If you are considering purchasing a business, you should perform a due diligence study first. It’s impossible to determine a company’s current state, value and forecast without understanding its history. Our experienced merger and acquisitions team at Sol Schwartz & Associates performs rigorous financial tests to provide our clients with reliable information about their pending transactions. Armed with this knowledge, our clients can make confident and better-informed decisions regarding their investment.

Our team develops customized testing or investigative procedures based on your unique needs. We deliver a concise, tailored report that can assist in analysis, profitability projections, decision-making, and potential renegotiation. Examples of the M&A due diligence studies that our team provides include the following:

  • Confirming the existence and accuracy of income statement items by comparing them to external sources such as bank statements, vendor invoices, and confirmation letters
  • Confirming the existence and accuracy of assets listed on a balance sheet, and identifying and evaluating existing or potential liabilities
  • Comparing state and federal tax returns filed with financial statements to confirm consistency and discover any discrepancies

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