In special situations, businesses are required to report situations that need a level of assurance that cannot be reached through a traditional audit or review. Agreed-upon procedures focus on what you specifically want reviewed. At Sol Schwartz & Associates, we work with you and the user to identify the appropriate agreed-upon procedures to reach the desired result. Although our report does not express an opinion of the findings, it does provide a very detailed accounting of the procedures used to prepare the report.

What are the benefits of agreed-upon procedures?

  • Lower costs: Because the scope of this service is more focused than a full audit, we save time and decrease costs. The final report does not express an opinion, but provides a very detailed accounting of the exact procedures used. This can result in better accounting practices for your business.
  • Obtaining loans:  A bank may need assurances on receivables and inventory that serve as collateral for a loan. We can perform agreed-upon procedures for those specific elements. The report generated as a result could be more helpful to the banker and less costly to you.
  • Tailored reports: An agreed-upon procedure helps businesses with concerns in a specific aspect of their operation. Because an entire audit isn’t necessary, we can focus on one area or department.

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